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Flinders Discount Chemist

who we are

About Us

Flinders Discount Chemist was established in 2011 by a partnership of three partners with a total of 46 years of experience in the management, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products. Our strong buying powers and wholesale capabilities have enabled us to supply our customers with the best service and best pricing structure available. We cater to customers within the local community and several surrounding zones along with nursing homes, IVF Clinics, and doctor surgeries. Our Pharmacy has created a strong reputation in the area for offering personalized, family-centric and friendly services for community members who require pharmaceutical support and care of diverse types.

Save & Deliver Compounding Pharmacy in Flinders adheres to its core goals and vision, which encompass staying committed to continually pushing for excellence in all service aspects and professionalism along with upholding customer commitment, staying true to all customer relationships, maintaining them through personalized solutions and dedication and remaining committed towards the highest service quality and standards. As a skilled and professional team, Save & Deliver builds on individual knowledge, expertise, passion, and skills for offering impeccable service. The team is honest, friendly, and incredibly supportive while following good and effective communication principles.

Proudly Sponsoring

Sleep Apnea

Serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. We offer bulk billed Sleep Apnoea Testing
(Conditions apply)

Flu Vaccination

Vaccination against influenza (flu). Flu is a highly contagious viral infection that can cause widespread illness and deaths every year. Vaccination is our best defence against flu viruses.

Combination Vaccine

DTPa (diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis) 2 or more vaccines given in a single dose that protects against more than 1 disease

Ear Piercing Services

Our ear piercing services are wide open throughout the day for you

Blood Glucose Testing

Save and Deliver Compounding Pharmacy provides free blood glucose testing

Blood Pressure Testing

No need to travel we conduct Free Blood Pressure testing at the pharmacy


We provide home delivery service to residents and healthcare clinics within the Illawarra and Shellharbour community and surrounding suburbs.

FREE Health Checks

We care about our customers and offer a free health check service which includes but is not limited to blood pressure and blood glucose testing.

Medication Management & Packing

The daily management of multiple medications can be quite stressful. We eliminate the complexity through our suremed service.

The services provided in the area include offering medicinal and pharmaceutical supplies along with  free home delivery. The pharmacy remains open for 365 days annually and from 8 AM to 8 PM Weekdays | 9 AM – 6 PM SAT 9  | AM – 4 PM SUN , making it readily accessible for everyone. Daily deliveries are given for free to clinics within a radius of 30 kilometres, including all medication and necessary material in tandem with complementary counselling packs that patients may also need. There is a vast range of IVF medication in ample quantities, while there is a provision for posting medical orders in freezer-packed protective containers without any extra cost.

Save & Deliver also offers services for nursing homes and aged-care facilities. It has wholesale capabilities and strong buying abilities, which enable serving customers more competitively in terms of pricing while also extending free delivery services for 7 days every week. Every registered unit has dedicated staff members and specialized services include allocated facility pharmacist, daily deliveries, convenient hours, after-hours services, ongoing communication with nursing staff for facility aspects and more. Doctor’s Bag service is also available, ensuring a smooth system for ordering emergency medical provisions and supplies. 

The biggest aid here is the late-night compounding service. While the pharmacy itself remains open between 8 AM to 8 PM Weekdays | 9 AM – 6 PM SAT 9  | AM – 4 PM SUN, services are accessible for late night emergencies and other needs as well. If there is any late-night emergency, the pharmacist will help in finding out urgent medication that is needed.

Specialised Services

Along with pharmaceutical and medicinal supplies, there are several specialist services available at Save & Deliver, including free home delivery of all medical and pharmaceutical supplies, free blood glucose and blood pressure testing, prescription compounding, discounted ear piercing, free Websterpak System (Medication Management) and specialized medication for fertility clinics, aged care, and more categories. Other specialized services include doctor’s bag service, fertility clinic services, and services for aged care facilities and nursing homes. Specialized compounding services are offered to all these establishments and practitioners likewise.

Fertility Clinics

Aged Care Facilities

Doctors Bag Service

Why Trust Save & Deliver Compounding Pharmacy in Flinders ?

Save & Deliver has more than 20 years of experience, functioning as a  compounding pharmacy and member of the PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia), ensuring high-quality compounded products at attractive rates. The team is known for offering impeccable and high-quality pharmaceutical care and services. The best-reviewed medicines are offered at the lowest possible prices with free delivery around the clock. Customers also get access to free blood pressure and glucose testing along with Medication Management services, ear-piercing services and more. You can also choose medicines online, Flu Vaccination, Sleep Apnoea Testing, Combination Vaccine and get treatment from online chemists likewise.

The association offers free health check-ups near various locations as an initiative to ensure medical aid to those in need of the same. There is late-night pharmaceutical assistance along with special care solutions for elderly patients as well. Special services are offered for nursing homes, fertility clinics and even doctor’s bag services. Medicines are sent routinely to nursing homes and medical establishments as a result. Customer trust and reliability are the key cornerstones for Save & Deliver, and it has a skilled team of pharmacists and other staff members, along with delivery personnel, who take care of all pharmaceutical care and allied service requirements with aplomb. The skilled and friendly team focuses on personalized care to build and maintain relationships for the future. 


Most frequent questions and answers

A compounding pharmacy offers services that are not available at most regular services for patients. They enable pharmacists to tap into their vast knowledge of drugs for helping both prescribers and patients with unique treatment plans. Thus, compound pharmacies may create medication prescribed by doctors for patients who cannot use commercially produced medication. Compounding pharmacies will solely issue medications garnered via prescriptions from medical doctors.

Drugs are compounded for patients who cannot be treated with generic approved medication, such as those with allergies to any particular dye or other substances and need medication without the same. This can be a child or elderly patient unable to swallow any capsule or tablet and requires medicine in the liquid dosage form alongside. The primary compounding reason is avoiding non-compliance of patients.

Compounding pharmacies are majorly accurate as per several studies and reports. Some results do indicate + or – 10% accuracy gaps in labelled claims, but overall, they indicate strongly high levels of accuracy for compounding pharmacies.