Pharmacy Piercing in Flinders

When it comes to pharmacy ear piercing in Flinders, you can trust Save & Deliver Pharmacy, as we are the best pharmacy ear piercing solution for those in Flinders and other surrounding areas. Save & Deliver is a certified compounding pharmacy in Flinders with excellent facilities and expertise, which includes ear piercing at a discounted rate, free blood glucose testing, and free blood pressure testing. We provide medicinal supplies and medicines to doctors, surgery facilities, nursing homes, IVF clinics, diagnostic facilities and the like. The medication management team confirms availability for all kinds of medicines available at Flinders in the store.

Save & Deliver has conducted ear piercings for many happy, satisfied and smiling customers over the years. We have friendly professionals who follow all hygiene and safety precautions while ensuring expertise and skills.

Our services include ear piercing for babies and we have special resources when it comes to ear piercing for kids.

Appointment and Prices

You can book an appointment for ear piercing at Save & Deliver by contacting us on the phone or by visiting our facility. Our pricing plans vary according to different ages, starting from babies to adults. You can visit Save & Deliver at 1/7 Munmorah CCT, Flinders NSW 2529 for booking your appointment in person or simply call on (02) 4296 5548 to do it on the phone.

Save & Deliver Offers Ear Piercing for All Ages in Flinders

Save & Deliver offers ear piercing solutions and services for every age, right from babies to young children and even adult men and women. Our highly-trained and experienced team ensures minimal pain during the procedure, which is precise and swift. We conduct ear piercing with a needle which is completely sterilized as per medical norms and safety guidelines. This ensures that you stay safe from any future infection possibilities. Save & Deliver takes all precautions with regard to customer safety and is the safest place in Flinders to get your ear piercing done.

Before coming for an ear piercing, please consume a meal at least a couple of hours prior And do not drink a lot of coffee or any other sports/energy beverage since this may thin the blood. Anti-inflammatory medication and pain relievers are best reserved for aftercare. Avoid excessive contact with water when the ear piercing is still healing, do not go swimming or stay immersed in water for long. Do not touch or fiddle with it or twist the jewellery installed in the piercing. Use a cotton swab with salt water for cleaning the area around the piercing.

Why choose Save & Deliver Pharmacy

Save & Deliver is the best compounding pharmacy in Flinders. It delivers medication for nursing homes, aged care facilities, doctors, IVF clinics and other medical institutions. It also offers medical supplies for the local community with free delivery round the clock. During our extended hours between 8 AM and 8 PM, late-night emergency medication support is also available. The pharmacy is open for 365 days in a year while offering free blood pressure, glucose testing, free medication management plans along with ear piercing services, doctor’s bag services and specialized compounding services. Friendly, personalized and cost effective services are offered to everyone. Save & Deliver has 25+ years of experience as a compounding pharmacy and is a PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia) member.


Most frequent questions and answers

The safest ear piercing is surgical-grade gold or titanium since they have the lowest infection risks. The piercer will take care of the post-piercing care at the facility, and at home you should clean the piercing with a saline spray as it starts healing.

Drugs are compounded for patients who cannot be treated with generic approved medication, such as those with allergies to any particular dye or other substances and need medication without the same. This can be a child or elderly patient unable to swallow any capsule or tablet and requires medicine in the liquid dosage form alongside. The primary compounding reason is avoiding non-compliance of patients.

Soaking the piercing in a mild, warm saltwater solution will help in combating infections and lowering scarring risks while accelerating healing.