Electrolyte Drinks. What Are They, and Do You Need Them?


So much goes into the proper functioning of a healthy human body. Electrolytes have a vital role to play as they manage the water level, acid level and movement of nutrients in our body. You can think of electrolytes as traffic marshals that direct the nutrients in the right directions. They can be consumed through natural sources and can even be supplemented from outside in case one needs it. 

Essentially, there are six nutrients, including sodium, potassium and calcium, that are responsible for the healthy functioning of our bodies. As we go about our day, we tend to lose electrolytes by virtue of sweat, excretion, etc. We must replenish them regularly as an electrolyte imbalance can seriously affect our overall health. When it comes to health and well being, every person has diverse needs. In order to opt for personalised pharmaceutical help instead of a generic one, getting in touch with a compound chemist is always a good idea. Flinders discount chemist is one such company that works in synergy with your doctor to deliver the best patient-centric medical care, and that too at a discounted price. 

So, coming back to electrolytes. How to replenish them? Can we do it naturally, or do we need a supplement? Let’s find out.

If we consume a mineral-rich diet and indulge in moderate physical activity, then water alone is sufficient to maintain our electrolyte balance. However, strenuous workouts, too much consumption of caffeine or alcohol, extreme perspiration, vomiting etc., can disturb our electrolyte balance. The most efficient way to replenish our electrolytes is to consume electrolyte infused drinks.

Here Is a List of some of the Drinks that you can choose from to avail the Electrolyte Drinks Benefits. 

  1. Dairy products 

Milk, buttermilk, and yoghurt are rife with calcium which is one of the six most essential electrolytes in our body. If you aren’t vegan and don’t have lactose intolerance, then missing out on your daily glass of milk isn’t a wise decision. Apart from calcium, dairy products are also an excellent source of protein. Consumption of buttermilk or yoghurt after a long walk or run can do a lot more good to your body than just quenching your thirst. 

  1. Coconut Water 

Coconut water is infused with the goodness of potassium, sodium and natural sugars. It is no surprise that this particular beverage has become one of the most preferred drinks worldwide. It is best if you can manage to get it fresh from coconut but in case you go for a store-bought bottle, always make sure to read the label and check for the sugar content. High levels of added sugar can make this drink relatively unhealthy for the weight watchers.

  1. Electrolyte Infused Drinks and Sports Drinks 

A person who consumes a balanced diet and doesn’t exert himself for more than an hour a day might not require these, but someone who participates in extended periods of workouts, cycling, running or walking should opt for a suitable electrolyte infused drink. This will ensure quick rehydration and replenishment of lost electrolytes. 

 If you are wondering if electrolyte drinks work? Then yes, they most definitely do. There are a number of electrolyte drinks benefits, but you need to understand your body and your lifestyle to make a well-informed choice. Electrolyte drinks work best for people who are exposed to a lot of hot weather, who engage in intense physical activity or those who are suffering from or have just recovered from some illness. These drinks can help them rehydrate, replenish their electrolytes and feel a lot better and healed. If you are someone who thinks that they need to stock up their supply of electrolyte drinks, then Flinders discount chemist can help you get your fix, that too at a discounted price. 

At this juncture, it will be meaningful to add that, on a daily basis, a balanced diet and plain water consumption are sufficient to help you keep your electrolytes in check. Many people believe that electrolyte infused water is like a holy grail and better than plain water, but that is just a myth. Water is meant to hydrate, and that is what it does best. Heedless and excessive consumption of electrolyte drinks in place of water can harm your body and cause symptoms like dizziness. Before making any changes to your diet or beverages, it is always best to get in touch with your doctor and a compound chemist to determine the best fit for your wellness needs.