Flu Prevention And Treatment

Nowadays, flu becomes very common and we all are afraid of the flu, in my opinion, the best way to protect yourself from flu and other complications which is caused because of flu is to get vaccinated at regular intervals of time, and there are many flu prevention medicines which you can take when you are suffering from flu. Aside from medicines, there are many tips by following which you can prevent flu-like maintain social distancing from those people who are suffering from flu, covering the mouth during coughing and sneezing, use of sanitizers and handwash before eating the food, etc, this also protects you from some harmful respiratory problems. Let us discuss some tips in detail which protect us from seasonal flu.

Here Is The List Of The Steps By Following Which You Can Prevent The Flu Naturally:

1. Cover Your Mouth And Tissue While Sneezing And Coughing:

If you are suffering from flu then you should cover your face by your handkerchief or tissue paper this reduces the risk of the transfer of bacteria from one person to another.

2. Stay Home When You Are Sick:

When you are feeling sick then do not go out of your room this reduces the chances of spreading the illness from one person to another.

3. Avoid Close Contact From Sick Person:

If you are meeting someone who is suffering from flu or other contagious diseases then you should maintain enough distance from that person while talking.

4. Avoid Touching Your Mouth, Nose, And Eyes:

There are millions of bacteria which is present on our hand, and if you touch your nose, eyes, and hands without handwash then the germs that are present on your hand will enter in your body which will make you ill.

These are some tips which you should follow to protect yourself from contagious disease. There are many people, who asked the same question, What to eat to prevent Flu? Let us find out the answer of this question.

Q. What To Eat To Prevent Flu?

Friends, there are many vegetables and fruits which you can eat to prevent the flu. Here is the list of the things which you can eat to prevent flu.

1. Turkey Sandwich.

2. Vegetable Juice.

3. Chicken Soup

4. Garlic.

5. Ginger.

6. Hot Tea.

7. Banana.

8. Toast.

9. Meal Replacement Drinks.

These are some best things which you can eat to prevent flu. Now let us talk about symptoms of flu.

Here Is The List Of The Symptoms Of Flu:

1. Fever Or Feeling Feverish.

2. Headache.

3. Difficulty In Breathing:

4. Sore Throat.

5. Runny Or Stuffy Nose.

6. Muscle Pain Or Body Aches.

7. Headache.

8. Vomiting and diarrhea.

If you are also suffering from any type of symptoms that are given in the list then immediately consult with your doctor, you may be suffering from seasonal flu. Till now, we talk about the ways by which you can protect yourself from cold. Now, let us talk about the treatment of flu.

Q. What To Do When We Are Suffering From Flu?

Friends, if you are suffering from flu then don’t worry just take a rest and take the fluid in a huge amount to treat your flu this treatment is best if you are suffering from low fever but if your infection is severe then you should consult with your doctor he may give you antiviral drugs for the treatment of flu. These antiviral drugs are the medicines for the flu. Here is the list of some medicines for the flu:

  • Peramivir:
  • Zanamivir.
  • Oseltamivir.
  • Baloxavir.

These all are some famous antiviral drugs for the flu. This is all about flu, Now let us talk about the treatments of some other contagious diseases.

Treatment For The Common Cold:

Friends, there is no treatment for the common cold in most of the cases it can cure by itself within 10 days. But if you have a cough with a common cold then you can take medicine for cough it will treat your cough as well as your common cold. When you are suffering from a common cold at that time you can take care of your body when your body heals, for example, drink hot water, take rest, and use saline nasal rinses. Do not take antibiotics because they are useless in the common cold. But if your cold will not cure within 10 days then immediately consult with your doctor.