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Ear piercings have been a common practice in various cultures for many decades. It is not merely a trendy accessory and holds a deeper meaning in several cultures. Therefore, it is not uncommon for parents of little girls to take them to an ear piercing service to get their ears pierced. Moreover, some adults also get various parts of their body, the ear being the most popular one, pierced so it is essential to know everything you can about safe and speedy ear piercings.
In this blog, we will examine the popular ear-piercing methods you must know if you’re deciding to get your or your kid’s ear pierced.

Why do people get their ears pierced?

Ear piercings have been an indispensable part of some cultures for as long as anyone can remember. But for some, it is also a way of expression and some people flaunt these traditional pieces fearlessly through choice.

Various methods to get ears pierced

Currently, there are two most popular methods of ear piercing service that most clinics and salons offer those are- piercing guns and needles. The needle does not come with its own set of studs, unlike the gun, which typically comes with a puncture and clap stud. Let us evaluate both of them to see which one will suit your the most.

Gun piercing

Gun piercings have been in existence since the early 1960s and were traditionally used to pierce ear lobes since then. Guns are, however, only used on the non-cartilage area of the earlobe. Handling a piercing gun takes little to no training and is an effective way of putting a stud inside your earlobe if you want it right away. The swift blow helps mask the pain and requires the same aftercare as one would after a needle piercing.

Needle piercing

For the cartilaginous parts of the ear or even the body, needles are the most effective method of piercing. Some people view needles as more intimidating than guns, but in reality, it’s the opposite. Needles are known to be less painful and messy than guns as they are hollow with a sharp point which enables them to create a clean hole. Piercing through needles also removes some of the skin and tissues from the site to make healing an easier technique. However, unlike guns, needles need trained hands and getting them from someone untrained can lead to a massive infection. A needle piercing is generally regarded as a safer option since it is controlled by the seasoned hand of the person performing the procedure.

How to prepare for an ear piercing?

It is completely natural to feel nervous before getting your ears pierced but prepping can put you in a more confident position. Before you go to get your ears pierced, have a meal at least a couple of hours before the procedure and avoid coffee and other sports or energy drinks which act as a blood thinner for our body. And always be on time for your appointment to be able to discuss aftercare and expectations with the one handling the procedure.

Final Words

Ear piercing service is more than just a fashion choice for some people. It is a vital part of numerous cultures, some of them mandate little girls to get it too. So it is essential to choose a place which does it safely and in no time. With Save & Deliver Pharmacy, you can rest easy about the safety and hygiene as we take pride in providing our customers with only the best environment and resources. And for kids and babies, we have particular resources to perform the procedure with minimal pain and discomfort.