An e-script, also popularly known as an e-prescription, is a digital form of a paper prescription that is electronically generated and sends prescription orders directly from the point of care to the patients or the pharmacy. The healthcare worker can send an e-prescription through different channels like emails, SMS, or can be downloaded right from the source.


E-prescription in medicine is secure prescriptions online that can only be accessed with an ID of the patient, unique to them. They are convenient to maintain by the doctor and are easy and secure. You can access this medical prescription through a link or QR code that will be sent via SMS or email. Each e-prescription is replaced with a new doctor prescription online at the beginning or end of each session.


  • Increases efficiency
  • When the prescriber enters the electronic medication into the prescription software, the prescription is transmitted to the dispensary and is registered into the patient’s medical records, included with the billing and other formalities. 
  • Pre-programmed actions exempt the prescriber and staff from repetitive duties and increase efficiency. By incorporating prescription software, the staff is given room to perform other functions more productively. Such efficacy leads to the smooth functioning of the organization.
  • Improves accuracy
  • In comparison to hand-written prescriptions, prescriptions online are extremely clear and accurate in terms of treatment and medication. Electronic medication requires less understanding on the part of the pharmacist, which reduces the chance of manipulating prescriptions.
  • Doctor Prescription online also ensures patients have accurate information about the dosage and medicines. Implementing prescription software also reduces medication errors by almost one-seventh of their original levels.
  • Instant Clinical Alerts
  • Many prescription software are designed with such strong algorithms that line with electronic medication that aggregates a patient’s past and present medical history. Furthermore, it can alert the clinician beforehand about any allergy reactions and side effects.
  • Many prescription software also offers instant alerts about repeated treatments, which can help doctors prevent from prescribing identical treatments for the same cause and medical condition. Implementing prescription online also helps to avoid heavy and high dosages, as well as the chronic use of certain drugs.
  • Prescription Fulfillment Tracking
  • Prescription software can assist doctors to track whether the patients are following their medication routine or if the patients have stopped following their medical prescription
  • With this acquired data, doctors follow up with patients who skipped their sessions/prescriptions, helping them get back on track. This prescription software can help ensure patients are following the ongoing courses of treatment.
  • Cost Savings
  • All these benefits provided by prescription software also result in saving the cost for multiple prescriptions. It also saves the cost of repeated treatments as it is easier to maintain and cannot be manipulated.
  • The benefits of e-prescription include enhanced outcomes, efficiency, and lessened patient visits which all lead up to lesser investment from both the patient and the organizations.

How to get a medical prescription online?

If you’re worried about how to get a medical prescription online. Do not worry, getting prescriptions online is easy and convenient as compared to traditional prescriptions. Mentioned below are a few steps by which you can easily get a Doctor Prescription Online.

  • Consult your doctor. The doctor will send you an e-prescription through mail or text/SMS via a link or QR code.
  • The next step is to download the medical prescription and send it to the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacist will review your e-prescription and deliver the medicines as per the requirement.
  • You will also be sent an alert beforehand if you need to make an early purchase.

How to get your medicines?

After you consult with the doctor, you will receive your electronic medication, after which you will have two options by which you can get your medicines.

  • Collect your medicine in person 
  • Take your electronic medication to a pharmacy and get it reviewed by the pharmacist. 
  • Getting your medicine delivered 
  • You can also get your medications delivered right to your doorstep. Forward the e-mail or the SMS to the pharmacy. They will review the medical prescription and dispense the required doses. 
  • Visit a pharmacy to set up your prescriptions online
  • If your doctor prescribes medicine, you can choose electronic medication. Your doctor’s prescription online will be automatically added to your list unless you ask otherwise. You will get alerts regarding your consultation and sessions through SMS or email.  

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Q. What are scripts in medicines?

A. E-scripts or prescriptions are a piece of paper on which the doctor writes the medications that the patient needs to consume. 

With the change of time and advancement of technology, pharmacies have installed prescription software. Such software saves time by making it easier to collect medications and also makes it convenient for a patient and doctor to keep track of treatments.