The Complete Studs Guide To Ear Piercing Aftercare by Flinder Discount Chemist.

The Complete Studs Guide To Ear Piercing Aftercare

After undergoing an ear-piercing treatment, post-care is needed! Aftercare of piercing is key for optimal healing. Especially with multiple piercings, it is important to follow the tips and procedures for the healing process. Here is the guide for Ear Piercing Aftercare.

How To Clean The Piercing Area?

The piercing area must remain disinfected and dry, or else it can lead to infection. You need to be very careful while cleaning. Unclean hands can infect the area, you must wash your hands thoroughly and keep in mind that you should avoid touching the area. 

You must spray the area’s front and back with sterile saline solution. This should be done 2 to 3 times a day. A non-woven gauze with saline solution will keep the area free of infection. Moreover, the chemist will recommend avoidance of harsh soaps, dyed soap or fragranced cleansers as these will lead to irritation and itching.

It is necessary to rinse the pierced sites and the complete area around them; clean as many times as possible to remove solution residue. Moreover, try not to twist or rotate the jewellery that isn’t needed whilst cleaning the area. After washing, the next step is to pat it dry with tissue or clean dry cloth. Ensure the cloth is clean because microbes also preside in clothes which can lead to infection.  The area should be completely dry with no water left. 

How Much Time Does Ear Piercing Take To Heal?

Healing time varies from person to person as it depends on various factors, such as the body’s immune response, stress level, and inflammation response. To speed up the healing process, you must follow the aftercare regimen.

The ear lobe piercings can take four to six months to heal. But based on the site, upper and inner ear piercings can take six months to a year to heal completely. The Flinders Discount Chemist may ask you to maintain some diet restrictions to fasten the healing process.

When you don’t find any discharge, soreness, swelling or redness around your ear, this means the piercing site is completely healed. If discharges continue with irritation and pain, it is necessary to immediately consult the pharmacy. The chemist will help you to take the necessary medication to heal it. A proper and consistent aftercare routine will result in proper healing.

Tips For Ear Piercing Aftercare

  • Avoid using cotton pads. The fibres can get caught in the jewellery and irritate the piercing site. Only non-woven gauze is recommended for use.
  • Spraying saline solution will be effective.
  • While sleeping, be careful; it can get hurt and start bleeding.
  • Wash it 2 to 3 times regularly.
  • Until it heals, wear clean and comfortable clothing.
  • Using a travel pillow will be helpful.
  • Always keep the piercing area dry.

The guide will help you maintain a regular aftercare piercing treatment routine. Self-cleaning and the treatment process is important. Along with this, you can consult with the Flinders Discount Chemist for necessary advice.