The Difference Between a General Pharmacy and a Compounding Pharmacy

For a long time, pharmacies have been regarded as the cornerstones of any community. In the most basic sense, products made by pharmacies do contribute to the health and wellbeing of a community. With that being said, it’s easy to think you already know everything there is to know about pharmacies or at least the general ones. After all, you can easily spot them in nearly every neighbourhood of every major city. However, suppose you are unfamiliar with specialised pharmacies. In that case, you might be missing out on many services these different types of pharmacy can provide for you and your family life. This is why we would like to give you more insight into this industry niche and everything else you need to know about compounding pharmacies and other related services.

Compounding pharmacies specialise in making customised drugs and medications. The main difference between general and compounding pharmacies is that compounding pharmacies can create brand-new solutions for the individuals who need them the most. At the Flinders Compounding Pharmacy, we specialise in creating custom forms of prescription medication to fit your specific needs. Every patient is different, and so is their ailment. A compounding pharmacist can help you create a unique remedy to fit your individualised needs.

General vs compounding pharmacy

If you are interested in the services of a compounding pharmacy, there are some essential differences between general pharmacies and compounding pharmacies that you will want to consider. Pharmaceutical compounding can perform customised services to meet your specific prescription needs, while general pharmacies cannot.

Here are some examples of the specialised services that compounding pharmacies provide which are not seen in case of the general pharmacies:

1. Custom Dosages

Choosing a pharmaceutical compounding over a standard one can be very helpful. Compounding pharmacies can create custom doses that fit your specific needs. For example, many medications often increase dosages from 75mg to 150mg. For some people in pain, a dosage between those two may work better than either of the standardised dosages provided by traditional pharmacies. Custom doses are helpful for prescription medication, but they are also beneficial for patients who experience chronic pain conditions.

2. Different forms of medications

Another difference is that general pharmacy usually will not alter the form of your medication, but compounding pharmacists can. For example, say you have back pain medication in a liquid bottle and want it in a topical cream instead. Compounding pharmacies can take your prescription and turn it into a cream that you can apply to your back. Choosing the form of your medication can be highly beneficial in so many different ways, and it can help ensure that one gets the treatment that works for them the best.

Different interchangeable forms of medications are as follows:

Liquid, Powder, Tablets, Injections, Creams, Ointments, Sprays

3. Children’s medication

Another excellent service compounding pharmacies offer is creating and altering medications for children. Some medicines are hard to give to children, such as those that must be taken regularly. Fortunately, an excellent service offered by most compounding pharmacies is the creation and alteration of medications for children. For example, your child’s prescription can be made into a powder you add to food or drinks or even a topical cream that you apply externally to your toddler.

4. Combining medications

It can be difficult for patients to remember to take multiple medications every day, but pharmacists at your compounding pharmacy are prepared to help you keep track of your prescriptions. For example, the pharmacist can combine multiple medications into one capsule that you only need to take once each day.

5. Discontinued medication services

When your local pharmacy discontinues a medication you’re used to taking, you can still get the treatment you need by going to a compounding pharmacy. These pharmacies specialise in creating medicines that aren’t commercially available.

Say Yes To Compounding Pharmacy Over General Pharmacy

The main difference between a general pharmacy and a compounding pharmacy is that a regular pharmacy is like the big-box stores in your town that has lots of standardised medications and dosages and can provide you with medicines for common ailments. A compounding pharmacy, on the other hand, works just for you. They can create your specific prescription medication with unique ingredients and dosages to best suit your needs.

Flinders compounding pharmacy can provide specialised formulations, different medicines, and adjusted doses to help you get precisely what you need because we understand that your medications should be tailored to your individualised needs.